My Unifi subscription is just about 2 weeks old and so far I and my wife experience not much fuss about it. I test Unifi speed almost everyday and the download speed is up to the claim speed which is 10Mbps.

Yesterday we experience some difficulty on the Hypp TV and internet problem. I called Unifi center and within 1 hour the problem resolve. However, it not without further problem though. Latest speed test as follow:

In the first picture, you can see that detect my computer from Sarawak and then ping with some server from Palembang. Well, for information, I'm from Wangsa Maju and for the last 2 weeks, did recognized me as I'm from Kuala Lumpur and ping to Cyberjaya server. Some jumble out signal?

In the second picture, the download speed in only about 2.5Mbps. only 25% of the guarantee speed. 

There also some un-sync images and sound when watching some movie on Hypp TV. Most notably is Pirates of Caribbeans. The sound and images just out of sync and really kill off interest too watch the rest of the movie.

I did call Unifi center and they said they will identify the problem update back to me. We'll see...


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