We all know about the crop circles and seen them on television, movie, or maybe in real life. But in Japan you can see much more spectacular crop than alleged alien creation. Japanese farmer from village of Inakadate create masterpiece from their rice field since 1993 and now, the art of rice field have spread throughout Japan.

The art are created by planting rice in different patterns and using different sorts of rice for color. Different types of rice to create recreations of classic art pieces, or something wholly of their own design. The results look photoshopped, but are totally real.

To provide better view of the Tanbo art, 22 m tower was constructed near the fields. Villagers and volunteers help plant four varieties of rice that grow in different colours. The farmers use computers to plan their art before planting so that they know exactly where to place the different coloured rice plants in order to create the giant images. Planting generally takes place in May and the images look their best by September.

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