Daddy's Roommate is a children's book written by Michael Willhoite and published by Alyson Books in 1991. The book, about a young boy whose divorced father now lives with his gay partner, deals with the controversial subject of homosexual parents.

Daddy's Roommate was one of the first children's books to portray homosexuality in a positive light; the two men in the book do the same things heterosexual couples do: Take care of the house, argue, and spend time with their boy. Consequently, the book has become one of the most challenged books in recent years with the American Library Association listing it at number 2 in their list of the 100 most challenged books from 1990-1999.

Daddy's Roommate became a point of discussion in the 2008 US Presidential Election when it was alleged that, in 1995, Sarah Palin, then a councilwoman in Wasilla, Alaska, complained that the book did not belong in the public library.

My advice, keep an eye of what your children are reading.

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