Not many people realize the existence of an amazing nature place called Thor's Well. Located at Cape Perpetua, Oregon, the surf surge rock without doubt is very unique. It occurs at a moderate to high tide with strong surf. The hole can be seen from the parking area at the far end of the rock shelf on the north side of Cook's Chasm. 

Thor's Well is part of Cape Perpetua, a typical Pacific Northwest headland, a forested area of land on the central Oregon Coast, surrounded by water on three sides. Thor's Well is also often simply called the Spouting Horn. Thor's Well alternately launches and swallows water as if it were a living thing. It is essentially a huge salt water fountain operated by the Pacific Ocean's power.

This natural spectacle is at its best when it’s the most dangerous to watch, at high tide or during winter storms. Why it call Thor's Well? Maybe because people do believe that Thor drop his hammer (Mjölnir) onto this area and punch a hole on earth.

Following are the photos taken from very brave and dedicated photographers.

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