During my day of playing Lego, it just about constructing small houses and some small car. Nowadays, people take Lego very seriously and created work of art. We have an awesome creation here by  hardcore Lego fanatics Plum B.

This Lego rifle portray really insane stuff, eye-catching and amazing. It is complete with the chainsaw feature that, in the game, slices and dices the enemy in half when in close combat. It is also a working rifle which shoots off rubber bands, and it has a working motorized prototype of the chainsaw.

Maybe this one is not exactly a toy for the young kids, but if you look at it from a builder perspective, you will understand that we consider this more like art than anything else. The art of building intricate models has always impressed me, and the skills required to make a build look realistic are some of the most impressive ones. 

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