During the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, a new generation of people began to question and challenge the traditionally accepted cultural norms. The relatively conservative ideals that were formed around international war and population growth were beginning to evolve. World just move on from World War 2 and people around the world feel the need to express themselves freely. 

During this time also the foundation for rock and roll music was formed, racial segregation was an issue, and the strict laws around sexual expression were being challenged. For this reason, the people that emerged as sex symbols during this era were extremely influential and important to popular culture.

Below is men sex symbol from that era. People of new generation might find these bunch of people as old folks but back in the days, these guys are considered as god to most of people. If you not believe me, just ask your mom or grandma. The odd is, your mom and grandma surely know 90% of these guys.

Marlon Brando - "He was such a sensitive instrument. I used to play the violin, and I liken Marlon to one of those strings that when you're playing just vibrates." —Eva Marie Saint, remembering Marlon Brando (pictured in A Streetcar Named Desire)

James Dean - "He sure appeals to me. I guess that's because I'm the type that likes to take in stray cats and dogs and he reminds me of that." —an unnamed starlet who dated Dean, talking to LIFE circa 1955

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