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Why is She famous?
Eva Mendes got her start in films like A Night at the Roxbury (1998), Exit Wounds (2001) and Training Day (2001) and cemented her position as one of the hottest actress working in Hollywood with roles in Hitch (2005), Ghost Rider (2007), Cleaner (2007), and The Spirit (2008). In her latest movie, Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Mendes plays a high-class call girl who’s also the girlfriend of a gambling and drug-addicted detective (Nicolas Cage) trying to solve the murder of five Senegalese immigrants murdered in post-Katrina New Orleans.
n 2010, Mendes will star in Last Night, a film about how temptation can shake up a marriage, opposite Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington..
While her movie appearances have thrust Eva Mendes into the spotlight to fans worldwide, her racy TV commercial for CK brought her to the media forefront and to an even wider fan base when the ad was pulled for too much nudity.

Why She's No.4?

We have to bump cigars off the top of our list of "Favorite Cuban Exports" and replace them with the vivacious Eva Mendes. She appeared in four '07 flicks, including We Own the Night and Ghost Rider, and she also posed nude for a PETA campaign. With style, grace and, best of all, tremendous sex appeal, Eva Mendes has become a respected actress, and her stock is on the rise. We'd go toe-to-toe with Castro himself in order to win the hand of this sexy Hollywood heartbreaker.
London, Dec 15 – Actress Eva Mendes has no plans to tie the knot with her long-term boyfriend George Augusto because she finds marriage ‘boring’.
‘No, no, no. I don’t know if I want children, but the idea of marriage sounds very boring to me. I
have to be honest. And no disrespect, because I think marriage is a beautiful institution,’ she
‘I am extremely romantic but I think there is that little rebel inside me that is anti-establishment.
It’s just one more fun thing I can rebel against,’ she added.
However, when it comes to attending someone’s wedding, the ‘Other Guys’ star can’t stop
herself from hitting the dancefloor and showing off her unique moves, reports femalefirst.co.uk.
‘I love going to a wedding. I do this thing – I call it wedding dancing. I don’t know what happens
to me but I just dance in a way that I’ve never danced before. I’m the best person to have at
your wedding but I just don’t ever want to be the actual person getting married.’ 
Eva Mendes was born March 5, 1974, in Miami, Florida. A particularly observant Catholic, Eva was bitten by the acting bug while attending California State University at Northridge. “Acting fell into my lap when a neighbor took pictures of me and showed them to an agent,” she recalls. “Then I found an acting coach and worked my butt off.”


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