Kathy Beth Terry (Perry), a nerdy teenager with braces, headgear, and oversized glasses, has just awakened the morning after a house party, surrounded by passed-out partygoers. A male guest, Aaron Christopherson (Glee actor Darren Criss) opens the door to her bedroom and congratulates her on having the best party ever.

Puzzled as to what happened, she goes online, only to find pictures of herself in various compromising positions, including one picture of her licking the stomach of the boy in bed next to her. The video then goes into a flashback of the events that occurred the night before. 

While doing a Sudoku puzzle, Kathy hears loud music from the house next door, and goes over to complain. She is greeted by Rebecca Black (who appears in an homage to Black's viral video "Friday"), who invites her in. A nerdy Everett McDonald (Glee star Kevin McHale) ogles Terry from afar and fantasizes about being with her.

Kathy, however, is more interested in Steve Johnson (model Richie Nuzzolese), an attractive football player, who turns her down because of her appearance. To cheer her up, Black gives Kathy a makeover, ripping off her headgear with pliers, waxing her upper lip, dressing her in tight-fitting neon clothes, and teasing her hair out. Steve becomes enamored with her, and everyone starts dancing. Kathy and Rebecca are also seen playing Just Dance 2 (a game that features Perry).

Musician Kenny G, despite not having played the saxophone on the song's actual recording, plays the saxophone solo on the roof while Hanson act as the house band. The entire party ends up moving to Kathy's house, where she throws up after drinking too much. Everett punches Steve for trying to fondle Kathy's bottom (Visualized by him as a medieval sword fight with Kathy as a damsel in distress).

At the end of the night, Kathy finally passes out next to Steve. The video shifts back to the next morning, where she looks at the photos with regret, but is also ecstatic to have a naked Steve passed out in her bed.

The film ends with former teen idols Corey Feldman and Debbie Gibson as Kathy's parents, Kirk and Tiffany Terry confronting Kathy about the state of the house; Feldman makes several references to The Lost Boys, in which he starred. The video end credits feature various deleted lines, bloopers, and extra scenes from the party, as well as Everett bringing Kathy breakfast in bed.

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