A family from Tokyo, settled on the sidewalk around their television, crowded by neatly organized electronic appliances, expelled closets, and prized heirloom pottery. Two wives, a husband, and their children in West Africa's Mali, on the roof of their hut with the tools of their agricultural toils. A Baptist family, smiling and clutching an illustrated Bible on the suburban road loaded with furniture and appliances in Houston, Texas. 

These are the slight resemblance of what had been captured by photographer Peter Menzel in his project Material World: A Global Family Portrait. Since 1990s, he traveled to 30 countries around the world to capture families with most of their possessions. 

Using data from United Nations and the World Bank, he searched for average families, average means average in location, size, background, and occupation. Check out the resulting, slightly dated but utterly fascinating portraits in our gallery and see what sort of a material world we're living in.

South Africa
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